Projects funded by the program

The Agroecology and Digital research program is structured into research themes that bring together numerous projects aimed at addressing the central scientific issues and technological challenges of agroecological transition.

The Agroecology and Digital technology research program supports innovative research infrastructures and projects with transformative potential for agroecology, based on multidisciplinary approaches and digital technologies.

The funded projects align with the four scientific axes that structure the Agroecology and Digital Program. The projects have been positioned within the axis to which they contribute the most. Many connections already exist between the projects and the scientific activities of the Agroecology and Digital Program, and the program aims to foster and develop these interactions further.

Axe 1 : Shaping a socio-ecosystem conducive to responsible research and innovation


Axe 2 : Characterizing genetic resources to assess their potential for agroecology


Axe 3 : Designing new generations of agricultural equipment

  • Targeted research projects at the start of the program:
    • NINSAR, Innovative agroecological itineraries exploiting collaborative robotics
    • WAIT4, Animal welfare: AI and technologies to assess relevant traits for animals facing the challenges of agroecological transition


Axe 4 : Developing digital tools and methods for data processing and modeling in agriculture, for agroequipment, and for decision support

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